I have been buying my shoes and sports apparel from Finish Line for years now. If I ever find myself in need for anything to maintain my fitness lifestyle, this is where I always go. The company is not only well known for housing some amazing branded items which are quite affordable because of their great Finish Line promo codes, but they really know how to keep their customers coming back for more. I have been always satisfied by their hospitality and courteousness. The best thing that I love about Finish Line is that they give an opportunity to everyone to be proactive in helping others out.

By profession, I am a corporate lawyer. My main interest lies in working with several NGOs which aim to help people who are in need, thereby elevating their standards of living. My motive is to help them create a better infrastructure by being aware of the regulatory laws which could help them to do their job smoothly without any interruptions. Needless to say, I had helped the Finish Line team often to figure out the details of any project when they had decided to go ahead with any charitable event. Finish Line has its own Youth Foundation team which is well known for being extremely proactive. It has worked with dedication to raise over $25000 in grants that were given to different charitable organizations, and had inspired over 800 employees and managers to gather and pack over 30,000 meals for the hungry people in Indiana and Liberia. Finish Line has always been ahead of others while taking a solid stance in keeping world peace intact. And I am extremely honoured to have been on their team to help them accomplish so much.

Recently, there has been talks amongst the Finish Line Youth Foundation members to pay attention to the Degar people who live in Montagnard. For over centuries, the Degar people were the indigenous folks who got pushed out of their own territories to the mountains by foreign invaders. When the French started to invade the Vietnamese and Cham peoples from 1895- 1954, they called the Degar people Montagnard which means mountaineers. However, the French people recognized their rights as the true owners of their lands, and helped them to resettle back in their own colonies. However, after the French left in 1955, the Vietnamese people invaded again, and disinherited the Montagnards. They stripped the Degar people of their rights and called them ‘moi’ which means savages. Where their original population was over 3 million, now there are only a few thousand survivors left. Over the years they have been mistreated by the Vietnamese authorities. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam had initially made promises to help out the Degar people and fight for their cause. But that never came to be. Promises were not kept, and the struggle for survival continued. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has occupied the tribal lands that once rightfully belonged to the Degar people. It is not just indigenous rights that are constantly violated. They have been continuously abused, being treated as animals. Their human rights are not respected and the conditions have only worsened over the last decade.

During the Vietnam war which occurred in the Central highlands of Vietnam, about 200,000 Degar people were killed. These indigenous folks have always been seen as cattle fodder, as they were forcefully recruited by armies as foot soldiers of war. These people are simple peasants, with no idea of how to use a weapon well. Their numbers have dwindled, and the remaining survivors face a very harsh life without proper food or even shelter. They have sent petitions to the United Nations asking for help, and this is where Finish Line can come in to support them.

Finish Line has always gathered money for charities by making their sales online and in the stores. Their team intends to start another event again, so that enough money can be raised to help out the Degar folks who need our help. Preparations also need to be made to send packed meals to them as they are hungry without access to proper food. This causes malnutrition in the children, and Finish Line has always been very proactive in working for youth athletic programs. The Finish Line Youth Foundation team works towards providing a better life for all children all around the world, irrespective of their backgrounds. Hopefully, with their help, the Montagnard people of Vietnam can finally receive enough help from the United Nations to be recognized as rightful owners of their lands again, and get back their means of livelihood to sustain themselves.

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Finish Line coupon codes can be used for almost any product that is sold in the company’s website. Predominantly, shoes tend to have more coupons than other products, but other products as well have a significant amount of coupons. Primarily, most Finish line discounts range from 20-40% off the original price of the products. There are coupons that offer a higher discount, but they are rare. In case you find them, RUN and grab them as long as they last.

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These shoes are one of the most popular running shoes you’ll ever find. Some of the reasons why I recommend these shoes are:

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  3. They are marvelously designed form fits perfectly into runner’s legs.
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  5. And if that was not enough, Finish Line promotions drop these shoes price from $114.99 to $49.99. That’s more than 50% decrease.

I would love to have these shoes and will buy them as soon as I can. I truly believe that in order to be a great runner/athlete you need great shoes that will support your feet. I used to have some bad shoes and my leg ached every time I played soccer. But as soon as I found some great new running shoes similar to Mizuno, my ache stopped. It was a great relief. It is something I’ve learned from my experience and recommend it to you. Don’t you want to feel less pain while running? Don’t you want to be able to run slightly faster? If you answer is yes to both, then stop suffering from your ugly old shoes and get some new ones such as Mizano.

Finish Line products are worth every single dime you spend on them. After buying those products, however, do not forget to wear them and go out. You will stand out and feel like you’ve never felt before.

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