Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 Running Shoes

Just like any other Adidas shoe in the Supernova series, the Supernova Sequence 6 is not only lustrous but is also more flexible and way stable when compared to all the other running shoes in the same category. As a running shoe that was designed to offer maximum stability, the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 has been donned with the latest design and technology, to ensure that it is able to provide the user with a rather smooth running experience at all times. In addition the shoe has also been contrived with some significant alterations to ensure the maximum optimization of its usage.

As a shoe that is available for both men and women the Supernova Sequence 6 is available in a wider variety of colors and also features some major improvements such as an improved fit and also an increase in the resilience of the outsole. When in action, the shoe offers maximum support for every part of the foot which in turn offers support long distance running by ensuring maximum stability. The Supernova Sequence 6 packs a series of technologies and features and one such feature is the Adiwear rubber outsole which is able to offer a much superior grip. The running shoe also employs the use of the Adidas Formation Technology, which has been integrated in the midsole to allow the shoe to adapt much easily to the ground for a much smoother run.

The Supernova series is widely accredited for its comfort and stability, thanks to its explicit design features. One of the shoe main design features is the Geo-fit construction, which has been amalgamated with an Eva sock liner, in turn improving the performance of the Supernova Sequence 6 shoe while also providing comfort in the process. Below the heel, the shoe employs the use of Adiprene technology which provides the shoe and the runner more cushioning while maintaining efficiency and propulsion. Towards the end of the heel, the shoe sports a collar which contains a memory foam that enhances the forefoot flexibility.

In addition, the shoe also incorporates the use of a lace up technology which assures the runner of a rather comfortable fit at all times. An air mesh has also been provided to prevent the user’s feet from sweating by allowing a free circulation of air. The Adidas Supernova Series 6 weighs about 13.0 oz. Due to the Adidas Supernova Series 6 stable shoe design, the shoe is suitable for long distance running.

If you are looking for a shoe that is able to provide the type of quality that you may want from a running shoe, then the Supernova Series 6 is undeniably your best choice.