Do you experience knee or foot pains when in your routine aerobics, running, jogging or any exercise? Using Saucony Women’s running shoe will give you an easy time in your workouts. The shoe is made specifically to solve all difficulties experienced when using regular shoes and it has the following qualities:


    • Comfy enough to prevent swollen feet from experiencing pains or additional injury. That means you do not have to skip your workout as scheduled due to any feet injury, this shoe will get you going.
    • Toe space is enough; You should order a bigger size for example for size 8 order size 9 or 8.5 to ensure that this sporting shoe gives your toe enough space. This also ensure that you do not get any injuries.
    • High impact protection to protect knees and ankles; The shoe is made of a soft and flexible material that protects you from intense impact that can cause pain to your leg.
    • Supportive; It gives support to the feet and keeps it pain free especially to those who experience joint pains may be due old age.

Saucony Womens Cohesion 7 Running Shoe

  • Has a synthetic sole; This keeps the lower part of the feet intact safe. It is also long lasting and does not wear out quickly therefore gives your feet a long term protection.
  • Decoupled heel; The heel is made and embedded to the mid-sole foam to deliver stable cushioning to the user.
  • Flexible fore foot; It has a triangular design to provide a responsive feel. It has a durable rubber to ensure long lasting wear.
  • Breathable Mesh material; This keeps you cool and comfortable when running. During the tough or hard workout, it prevents sweating or excessive wetness in the shoe.
  • The shoe is reflective; The colors on the outside are reflective to ensure that you are visible when running in the evening or dark light.
  • Fitting and strong shoe laces; The shoe straps or the laces are strong and not elastic. They ensure that your foot is tightly held in position and does not slip out during workouts. They also ensure that you foot fits perfectly in your pair to give the comfortable experience required during tough and mild exercises.
  • Has a flexible tongue; This gives your foot and toes a balanced comfortable effect when in the stepping process. The tongue also give the ankle some support to avoid injury when jogging.
  • XT-600 high-abrasion out-sole; This ensures that entire shoe is long lasting to give you value for your money.


This shoe has all the qualities of a sport shoe and puts into consideration that exercise are meant to keep us fit and not cause injuries and pain.