If you’re a runner, whether it be hobby based or competitive, comfort and grip are two of the most vial attributes you look for when it comes to a high quality running shoe. If you’re looking to change running shoes or simply begin your running adventure with the foot support of a well-known brand, Adidas wants your attention. Currently regarded as one of the most high-tech and state of the art shoes ever developed for runners, the Adidas Ultra Boost has garnered quite a bit of press in 2015. In this brief but detailed review, I invite you to read the information provided and decide whether the Ultra Boost is the ideal shoe for your running needs.

Shoe overview

Equipped with Ultra Boost technology, the midsole area of the shoe is comprised of over 3,000 energy capsules which serve to give the runner a comfortable yet energy charged spring with every step. The return action of the shoe also serves as a way to keep your feet light while you run, especially during a marathon, for example, where your natural step return will get slower as you get fatigued. In respect to additional details and specifications, the Adidas Ultra Boost offers the following luxuries.

  • 10.6 ounces in weight.
  • Breathable upper mesh properties which allow your feet to stay cool and dry.
  • An upper shoe stretch mesh which allows the shoe to expand each time your feet strike the ground.
  • Tight sock like fit across the foot to avoid slippage while running.
  • Molded heel construction to stabilize the back of your foot and provide much needed support to the Achilles area.
  • Specialized grip sole to ensure traction even during the longest and most difficult of running demands.

Strong praise for Adidas

Being touted as a dream shoe for those who engage in marathon running, it is easy to see, based on the general overview coupled with the praise given by various shoe publications, that Adidas really went to extreme measures to create one of the best running shoes on the market. The Ultra Boost appears to have all the bells and whistles that one would look for when it comes to a high performance shoe. Personally speaking, although I’m not an active runner, I can certainly see why this particular shoe would be quite appealing and worth a closer look. In conclusion, just as a course of least regret for consumers, this shoe is specifically designed for those who have a passion for running. The Ultra Boost is not a cross training shoe moonlighting as a running shoe. Keep that in mind before making your purchase.