If you are looking for a no-nonsense pair of cross training shoes that offer maximum comfort, then you should consider getting the New Balance Men’s MX623v2.


The New Balance Men’s MX623v2 may not be the most exciting-looking cross training shoe in the market but it gets the job done. It is probably one of the most iconic shoe in New Balance’s line of training shoes mainly because of its features. It has a leather upper, an IMEVA foam midsole and non-marking rubber outsole.


The leather upper of the New Balance Men’s MX623v2 provides durability and utmost comfort to users. And since leather is a breathable material, you can wear this shoe for one whole day without getting worried that your feet will soak in sweat. Your feet will also not feel hot while wearing this pair. The IMEVA foam found in the midsole is meant to lend flexibility and cushioning to the wearer.

New Balance MX623v2

IMEVA stands for Injection Molded EVA, it is a material that is found in many New Balance shoes. The non-marking rubber sole will make sure that you will not leave a mark on whatever surface you will train in.

What Sets this Shoe Apart from Other Shoes

New Balance may not be as popular as other athletic shoe brands. But it enjoys a cult following, especially among athletes and those who take health and fitness seriously. So what sets this shoe apart from other trainers is the fact that it carries the New Balance name. Do you know why New Balance doesn’t have any celebrity endorsers? Because the company would rather spend their money on research and development than spend millions to a popular athlete. If you will buy a New Balance shoe, you can be sure that it a product of years of research and planning.

What do I personally like or dislike about these shoes?

To be honest, I think New Balance could have channeled some of those R&D money in to hiring a good designer. This is one of the most boring-looking trainers in the market.

Would I buy this shoe? What store would I buy it from?

Despite its non-inspiring design, I would still buy this pair of shoes mainly because it is from New Balance. But I will wear them exclusively inside the gym. I will probably buy the pair from Amazon or from the nearest Footlocker. Or I would go online and buy it from Zappos for $67.95, or from Shoebuy.com for $74.95. While Shoebuy is a little more expensive, you can save 20-30% using a discount code.

What others are saying about this shoe?

There are some people who said that the New Balance Men’s MX623v2 is not as good as previous models. I’ve read one review that says the shoe started falling off after just a few months of usage. Then there are those who are completely satisfied about the shoe and have actually bought several pairs.