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Football, soccer, and basketball are the most popular sports at high school. We have all played at least one of these sports! But did you know that certain types of shoes are more likely to cause injury while playing than others? I am talking about non-contact injury, which results from rotation, slipping and similar movements.

Athletic shoes are designed to have two kinds of traction. Forward traction enables you to move forward without slipping back. Rotational traction helps you make cuts (move sideways or change direction) without slipping on the side.

Here is an example of a move that requires forward traction:

Forward Traction Continue reading Athletic Shoes with High Rotational Traction Can Cause Injury Study Finds

If you’re a runner, whether it be hobby based or competitive, comfort and grip are two of the most vial attributes you look for when it comes to a high quality running shoe. If you’re looking to change running shoes or simply begin your running adventure with the foot support of a well-known brand, Adidas wants your attention. Currently regarded as one of the most high-tech and state of the art shoes ever developed for runners, the Adidas Ultra Boost has garnered quite a bit of press in 2015. In this brief but detailed review, I invite you to read the information provided and decide whether the Ultra Boost is the ideal shoe for your running needs. Continue reading Review of Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoe

Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 Running Shoes

Just like any other Adidas shoe in the Supernova series, the Supernova Sequence 6 is not only lustrous but is also more flexible and way stable when compared to all the other running shoes in the same category. As a running shoe that was designed to offer maximum stability, the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 has been donned with the latest design and technology, to ensure that it is able to provide the user with a rather smooth running experience at all times. In addition the shoe has also been contrived with some significant alterations to ensure the maximum optimization of its usage. Continue reading The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 Shoe Review

It’s my birthday, one of those between 30 and 65 that all kind of blend together since there’s no real reason to remember which one it is, so to rub it in Herself said “Sweetie, why don’t you pick out a couple things on that sports clothes site you like? I’ll put it on my Amex.”

 Oh, like maybe you had an ear trumpet in mind? A walker? But hey, free clothes are free clothes, so okay. Continue reading My Favorite Things (From My Favorite Person) on

The Air max shoes are a brand of the most popular shoe manufacturer Nike. The Nike Air Max was the first shoe ever to have a visible air unit which was highlighted by a window in the mid sole that allowed one to see right into the shoe. The Nike Air Max was at first the top shoe preferred for running in the sneaker world, However Nike never anticipated the that people would accept the Air Max as just another casual sneaker. When you hear the word Air Max,what comes into mind? For most people around the world only the 1990 Air Max comes to mind. This has been a common misconception around the world and only a few number of people actually know that there are a lot of other shoes in the Nike Air max series. Below is a list of the top 5 Air Max of all time, they are not arranged in any particular order.

1. AIR MAX 93

Nike-Air-Max-93 Continue reading Top 5 Nike Air Max Sneakers of All Time