Having been brought up in Fort Hood, TX, I have grown to like and love athletic shoes. By profession I am a lawyer. My current project has me involved in a group of Australian lawyers and advocates dedicated to protecting the human rights of the indigenous known as Montagnard/Degar who live in Vietnam. My job is rather sedentary. But long time ago I discovered that I really enjoy running, playing football and trying a bit of basketball. That was since when I was still under my mother’s care. I remember dashing into my mother’s closet and trying to fit into one of her old school sport shoes that she would wear when working out to cut off her post pregnancy weight. I was unlike other girls of my age, when they were busy crying for dolls I would ask my father to buy me a pink pair of athletic shoe. Each time my father took me for a walk around the city I would get carried away by the sight of athletic shoes in the window display of big sportswear dealers.

It was in 2012 that I decided to start a blog and create a platform where I could share my passion and great love for athletic shoes. I have amassed a collection of magazines that has information about different varieties of athletic shoes. I guess this has become my number one hobby that has beautified my thirties. If asked what really made me get so much into this sport wear, I would attribute it to my father who retired a decade ago. My father was always against the system and often than not he would tell me to open my mind wider than passing the most coveted SAT exams. My father who by then was working as an editor with a publishing firm in San Francisco would always bring me a copy of any new magazine in the market. I remember cutting out images of football boots and sticking all over my room.

Nearly every day, I am asked about athletics shoes. Questions vary from person to person but the fact remains that many people chose sport shoes based on the fame of the brand name and appearance rather than what will meet their comfort and efficiency. I review some of the best sports shoes like nearly all Nike and Adidas brands. I elaborate the very important thing you need in a shoe.

Every sport has benefited from the recent development of footwear. New shoes are being developed and released each and every day. Athletic footwear can now even be customized and ordered online. A good pair of athletic shoes is essential for vigorous exercise, workouts and healthy living.

I invite you to keep in touch with me, to get the most elaborate recent reviews on sport shoes in the market. I gladly hope I have a communicated with you or even ignited  the same passion in you. You can always feel free to communicate with me if need be.

Kimberly Love