The Finish Line Youth Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the leading sports products dealer, Finish Line. The foundation was formed to give back to the youth in areas where the company’s employees and customers are found. The foundation aims to make a difference by giving grants to youth in community centers and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

FLYF is also involved in a fundraising effort to gather money that is used for grants to deserving non-profit organizations all over the country. The funds are raised through a holiday fundraising effort that is carried out during the holiday season in all Finish Line outlets as well as through its online store. The fundraising drives have raised an astonishing $7 million plus since inception.

Finish Line Youth Foundation Mission

In order to understand what drives the members of FLYF, it is important to have a preview of the foundation’s simple but powerful mission statement. It reads ”The Finish Line Youth Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of youth in the communities where employees and customers live, work and play.”

Brief Background of the Finish Line Youth Foundation

Due to its active involvement in the community, one may be forgiven to think that the FLYF has been around for ages. The truth is that the foundation was started in 1998 when the top leaders of Finish Line felt a need to give back to the community as appreciation for the support extended to the company.

The high level of support from the community has ensured that Finish Line remains as one best sports products distributors in the country and beyond. The board of the foundation has always been made up of key managers from Finish Line organization. However, this position has recently changed with the introduction of two directors from outside the company.

What is the Finish Line Youth Foundation interested in funding

Being a sports company, it is not surprising that the company is keen to offering its support to sports based activities. The foundation has a passion for ensuring that youth in community centers and those from underprivileged backgrounds benefit a lot from its initiatives. The foundation normally provides funding for youth athletics programs and established sports camps.

You may qualify for funding from the foundation if:

  • You run a sports camp that improves fitness levels in kids with special needs or those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • You are involved in a project that is nurturing athletics talent anywhere in the country
  • If you run a project that offers opportunities for youth under 18 through sports, you are the types of person the foundation is looking for
  • In case you run a project located near a Finish Line store that adds value to the immediate community through sports, you are likely to catch the attention of the foundation

A few grants that the Finish Line Youth Foundation has offered recently

If you have been wondering what the FLYF has been up to, you will be pleased to know that it has been doing a lot of good in society. A case in point is the grants the foundation gave out in quarter 4 of 2013 that totaled almost $100,000. These grants were extended to non-profit organizations that were found to be involved in offering athletics services to the disabled and the disadvantaged.

Some of the beneficiaries included:

  • The Foundation for Dreams in Florida needed some money to fund a playground for kids with special needs. It received 25,000 from FLYF in order to create an environment that would allow the kids to interact as they played.
  • The Camp Joy Foundation in Ohio was chosen for a grant to support its camp scholarships for underprivileged children.
  • The Helping Hands Center For Special needs based in Ohio was offered a grand of $5,000 to support its summer camp for children with Autism.
  • The Nevada Diabetes Association was the recipient of a rant of $5,000 in support of a summer camp that the association was planning for children with diabetes.
  • The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania was awarded a grant of $5,000 for its efforts in organizing an overnight recreation camp for children with kidney disease alongside their friends and family.
  • The Jameson Inc in Indianapolis was selected for a grant of $5,000 for choosing to hold a summer camp for kids affected by HIV/AIDS.

The above examples represent a few of the many organizations that were awarded grants of various amounts for their role in performing an important role of offering hope to children in difficult situations. It is instructive to note that the examples presented above are just a fraction of the grants given out within one quarter. The FLYF is busy all through the year; therefore it processes a huge number of grants.

Finish Line Youth Foundation makes donations of over $1 million

During the last quarter of 2014, FLYF made a number of donations that were worth more than $1 million. The funds were raised from the foundation’s highly successful holiday fundraising campaign.

The bulk of the funds totaling 947,000 were raised for the Special Olympics Team and the funds were raised from the Finish Line stores as well as the Finish Line online sales platform,

The rest of the funds were given out as grants to 17 non-profit organizations as well as 10 states. The huge amounts underlined the confidence of the public in the initiatives of the foundation and the level of trust and support it enjoys among the general public. It is clear that the public understand great initiatives when they see them hence their outstanding support during the holiday season fundraising efforts.

Other types of grants from the foundation

The foundation has also set aside funds in the region of $5,000 to $25,000 to be used to assist organizations that suffer emergencies that hamper their efforts to serve their communities. Some of the emergencies listed include natural or fire disasters. This emergency grant is known as the Founder’s Grant.

The foundation also has the Legacy Grant that offers donations ranging from $10,000 to $75,000. This grant will be used to fund deserving organizations that need assistance in projects such a constructing buildings or renovation of their sports grounds. The grant can also be used to purchase or improve a new property when need be.

Based on the information above it is clear that the Finish Line Youth Foundation is making a positive difference in the community. Judging from the amount of funds raised so far, it appears that the foundation can expect to receive more money in the coming years to continue with its highly effective donations.